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segunda-feira, 30 de abril de 2007

Evanescence - Justice (2007)

1.- Anything For You
2.- Before The Dawn (Demo)
3.- Breath No More
4.- Bring Me To Life (Demo)
5.- Everybody's Fool (demo)
6.- Goodnite
7.- Haunted (original)
8.- Heart Shaped Box (nirvana cover)
9.- Lies (Remixed)
10.- Listen To The Rain
11.- My Immortal (Piano - Vocal)
12.- October
13.- Orestes (a perfect circle cover)
14.- Surrender
15.- Taking Over Me
16.- You
17.- My Immortal (Reggaeton Version Remixes)
18.- Going Under (Reggaeton Version Remixes)
19.- Bring Me To Life (Reggaeton Version Remixes)
20.- Going Under (Melody Edit Remixes)

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